Here’s what some recent clients have to say about Melbourne recording studios Smokestack Studios Gembrook at WOMO:

“Paul provides a great setting for recording in a relaxed, fun and professionally set-up room. I recorded some acoustic demo tracks with LEROY last month and we managed to get 4 good quality tracks done in day. Look forward to heading back there with the full band to do a live recording. They also have good coffee!” Brendan A

“Just wanted to thank Paul at Smokestack Studios Gembrook. We got in there and smashed out four great songs…The guys have put together a great set up out in Gembrook and it was such a refreshing place to record, away from all the distractions of the inner city. Can’t wait to get back out there for future sessions with the Leroy band!” James Leroy

“I have rehearsed and recorded in many places over the years and have recently experienced playing and recording with my band at Smokestack Studios in Gembrook. I can honestly say that Smokestack is one of (if not THE) most satisfying places at which I have had the pleasure of rehearsing. Think of all those cold, smelly, soul-less run down converted factory rooms you’ve played in; where the equipment is battered, old and stinks and the P.A. absolutely sucks big time…Smokestack is the polar opposite! Warm, clean, fresh & new with quality equipment and wonderful, caring & knowledgable people running the place. I live in the inner north-west suburbs so Smokestack is hardly my “local” but I appreciate a good thing when I experience it. Thanks Paul for your help, advice and service and the fact that you genuinely care about local music. I look forward to my next time I make the drive up to them, thar hills!!” Pete Gleeson

“I have been recording recently in Paul Andrew’s studio and it has been an amazing experience. Paul has got a deep knowledge and understanding in recording and producing, besides his amazing skills as a musician. A very welcome experience for me and for everyone who wants to take a step forward in Music Business, and also for the results they want to achieve about their products at any level.” Elyan Fernova

“I have rehearsed and done a live recording with my band at Smokestack Studios in Gembrook. The rehearsal/performance room is great – really clean and everything is brand new. Lots of other rehearsal rooms in Melbourne are dirty with faulty equipment, but Smokestack is brand new and beautifully looked after. The recording we did was really enjoyable with professional, helpful advice and the best quality equipment – it sounds excellent and the band is stoked as we can use it to get gigs now! The location is something to consider I guess, but for me it’s definitely worth the drive for the quality and relaxing experience.” Malcolm B

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